How To Change Your WIFI Password

How To Change Your WIFI Password

Finding Your IP Address

Before you can change your WIFI password you need to find your router's IP Address.
  1. The easiest way to find your router's IP Address will be to download the WiFiman App.
  2. Once the application has been downloaded; open it and go to the Discovery tab.
  3. In the Discovery tab you will find a list of devices. Your router is the device all the way at the top, that is marked with AP after its name.
  4. Below your router name there will be an IP Address ( for example).
  5. This is the IP Address for your router and the one you will need to access your router.

Please note, that for the WiFiman App to be able to find your router's IP Address, your device must be connected to
the WIFI which you want to change the password of.

Accessing Your WIFI Router

Now that you have the IP Address for your router, you can access your router.
  1. You will need to open an Internet Browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.) to access your router.
  2. Once you are in the Internet Browser, type the IP Address you got into the URL Tab (the area at the top of the screen where you type in Web Address).
  3. After you searched the IP Address in the URL Tab a Login Page should open up asking for Login Details.
  4. Unless you have previously changed your router Login Details, it will normally be:
           - Username: admin
           - Password: admin
Please note, it is advised that for security reasons you should change your default Router Login Password to something other than admin(default).

Warning, once changed it is important to remember your Router Login Password, because if forgotten your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will
have to send a technician to reset your Router at your cost.

Changing Your WIFI Password

At this point you have successfully logged into your router.
  1. Upon logging in most of the router settings will be on the left side of the page; navigate to Wireless and look for WIFI Password.
  2. The Password will be blocked out, but if you click on the eye symbol or on the blacked-out text the Password will be revealed.
  3. Once the Password is revealed, type in your New Password and click Save at the bottom of the page.
  4. The WIFI will then disconnect and you will need to reconnect to the WIFI with the New Password you created.

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